Kull 43: Q-KULLEN

född 30/4 - 09

(Faderns stamtavla här)

Starmaids One And Only
J Starmaids Famous Grouse Int Nord UCh SJCh Belvaux Magical Storm AustCh Belvaux Hot Pursuit
AustCh Belvaux Summer Spree
SUCh SDCh Starmaids Arctic Moon Shine MultiCh Champhurst Bark At The Moon
Starmaids Star Shine
J Starmaids Jazz Music Maid J NORDV-03 SV 06 Emorlen Darius GBCh Dialynne Tolliver of Tragband
Dufosee Rozanne at Emorlen
Diana-Starhill Starmaids Excellent-Lad
Lowyck Jessica